Getting prepared for plan B

As most of you know I like having insane plans and try to execute as many of those as possible. Well, last year the plan to do the UTMB-PTL with Geert and Pascal failed, so new insane plans had to be made. One of them (my secret project) was the TransGranCanaria, which I ran 2 weeks ago. A very hard, but also very beautiful race. I wear my TGC finisher vest with pride. :-)

During the time I was in Gran Canaria the subscribers for insane plan A, the Tor des Géants, were judged and counted and admitted or rejected. I was quite late in subscribing, so it was no surprise to find out that I was rejected. Only 660 people get to run that race and I will not be one of them this year. Since I saw that coming, I was already thinking about a plan B.

Plan B will be: running from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela via the Camino Francès in 2 weeks. That will be 775 km in 14 days. Quite insane, right? Yeah, I know. But I'm going to try anyway. Why? Because the road to Santiago has been in my mind for many years. After reading a book by Paolo Coelho about pilgrimage to Santiago I was certain that I would be walking that road at least once in my life. Alone. To find what I don't know I'm looking for. Or to find out that there's nothing to find. Or just because I need to prove I can do it. Well, combining the idea of going to Santiago with my love for running and the fact that I needed another insane plan lead to the above mentioned plan B. I plan on doing that in the last week of August and the first of September.

Now preparations are starting: what do I need to know about the route, what do I need to bring, how many kilometers a day, what kind of food, where can I sleep, which type of GPS (handheld, preferably on batteries) will I buy, do I need special documents? All sorts of questions pop up when you are going to do something on your own instead of doing an organised race. I really want to do the running on my own, but I think I might need some help with the preparations... :-) So feel free to send me advice!


Dorothé op 18-03-2014 12:22

Hi Paula,

Advies heb ik niet voor je wel bewondering. Maar daar heb je niks aan... om toch iets bij te dragen googelde ik een beetje en kwam op dit blog Daar stond heel veel info voor wandelaars, maar als je wat harder rent is dat vast niet erg. Verder volgde ik vorig jaar Jolanda Linschooten's tocht door de UK en die beschreef tot in detail hoe ze dat aanpakte. Ze stuurde ook pakketjes naar bepaalde adressen vooruit en zo. Op haar huidige blog staat die informatie niet meer. Ik weet niet of ze die info nog aan je wil delen. De reizen zijn natuurlijk niet vergelijkbaar qua omvang, temperatuur en logies, maar qua uitrusting wel natuurlijk. Succes, groetjes, Dorothé

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