It's been quite some time since I last wrote an article. However, it's time to pick up blogging again and what better way to do that than by writing a review on some of the gear I always wear (and love): INKnBURN!

I've been an ambassador for INKnBURN since the beginning of this year and I wear it all the time. It's quite hard to point out my one favorite item! So I asked good friend and runningbuddy Peter what his favorite is (so I can do a double review). He was very clear on that: the shirts! He said he likes them all, but I like him best in the Brick Wall techshirt! I'll show you why...

He agrees with me on how awesome the fabric of the shirt feels to the skin and how well it takes up moisture. No chafing, no itching, no annoying tags anywhere, just a very nice shirt! And isn't he goodlooking? ;)

I like the shirts, the tanktops, the camisoles, the skirts... but I LOVE the shorts! I never thought of myself as a short-shorts girl, I used to have quite heavy legs. But wearing the INKnBURN shorts, I just fell in love. I've got shorts in 2 sizes, the bigger one when I want to wear my shorts baggy and the smaller one for when I feel really good about myself and want to show off my ass :D

The shorts are awesome. They have a very feminine fit, no irritating waistband, a fabric that feels good on the skin, they have a light stretch in the fabric and very good moisture wicking qualities. The inner lining is really soft and feels like underwear (so I don't wear underwear when wearing my INKnBURN shorts). It doesn't ride up when you're running! The front of the shorts has 2 pockets (one on each leg), in which you can store keys, gels, small stuff, but I'm convinced they were made for putting in my company pass, since it fits PERFECTLY! I think it's really convenient to have these small pockets to put in small stuff you might need on your runs! And if you look at them closer, you can see that the pockets not only have the same beautiful colors as the shorts, but that the INKnBURN logo is stamped in the fabric!

Speaking of looks: the shorts are so beautiful! Vibrant colors, awesome designs! It's hard to pick a favorite! I like all of them! No, I don't own all designs (I wish!), but I do own quite a few. I'll show you (and some of my awesome INKnBURN loving friends):

With awesome Viking Andries!

With friend and teammate Geert (who is crazy enough to join me in the UTMB-PTL next week)!

Remember this guy? It's Peter in his favorite shirt!

With the guys from teams Tjak 1 and Tjak 2 and with my own partner-in-crime Cinta!

You see, I got some more people hooked on INKnBURN too! :) And don't they all look awesome!

Hm, I think I need to buy more shorts... Maybe I should try to collect them all!


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