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As most of you know I like having insane plans and try to execute as many of those as possible. Well, last year the plan to do the UTMB-PTL with Geert and Pascal failed, so new insane plans had to be made. One of them (my secret project) was the TransGranCanaria, which I ran 2 weeks ago. A very hard, but also very beautiful race. I wear my TGC finisher vest with pride. :-)

During the time I was in Gran Canaria the subscribers for insane plan A, the Tor des Géants, were judged and counted and admitted or rejected. I was quite late in subscribing, so it was no surprise to find out that I was rejected. Only 660 people get to run that race and I will not be one of them this year. Since I saw that coming, I was already thinking about a plan B.

Plan B will be: running from St. Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela via the Camino Francès in 2 weeks. That will be 775 km in 14 days. Quite insane, right? Yeah, I know. But I'm going to try anyway. Why? Because the road to Santiago has been in my mind for many years. After reading a book by Paolo Coelho about pilgrimage to Santiago I was certain that I would be walking that road at least once in my life. Alone. To find what I don't know I'm looking for. Or to find out that there's nothing to find. Or just because I need to prove I can do it. Well, combining the idea of going to Santiago with my love for running and the fact that I needed another insane plan lead to the above mentioned plan B. I plan on doing that in the last week of August and the first of September.

Now preparations are starting: what do I need to know about the route, what do I need to bring, how many kilometers a day, what kind of food, where can I sleep, which type of GPS (handheld, preferably on batteries) will I buy, do I need special documents? All sorts of questions pop up when you are going to do something on your own instead of doing an organised race. I really want to do the running on my own, but I think I might need some help with the preparations... :-) So feel free to send me advice!

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Last week I revealed my secret project for this year: TransGranCanaria 125k 8500D+ on March 1st (and 2nd).

You know, when doing things like this, you should be well prepared, well rested, made enough kilometers, be ready. Well, it could've been better for me. In January I had an accident with my MTB, which subsequently lead to having a cold for 3 weeks. Not the best preparation, but still I was going to do it. In the end the main part of doing an ultratrail is in your mind. 

Last Wednesday Steven Wuyts (who would be doing 84km) and I travelled to Gran Canaria. Feels very good to get off the plane and step into the sun. :) On Thursday we picked up our bib-numbers and all other stuff we needed to have. Handing in Medical Certificates etc and of course hugging Celeste (she's with the organisation). We also met Mark Groeneweg and his wife Marion. Mark was going to do the 125km also. 

Steven needed picture proof that we had nice weather...

We also got the meet the barranco (river bed) where we would be running the last kilometers of the race.

Friday was mostly a resting day, because I had to start at midnight! Steven accompanied me to the Expo, where I was going to take the bus that would bring all 125km runners to the starting point in Agaete. Too bad I couldn't sleep in the afternoon, I guess I was just too nervous. 

Before the start I met Mark Zwart, who would be running also. He recognised me by my (tattooed) leg. Mark had done the TGC in 2010, when the route was from Maspalomas to Las Palmas. He felt the same as me: scared, but also looking forward to it!

Fast selfie just before the start. 

At midnight our adventure began! In October I was on holiday in Agaete and I had the chance to run the first part of the TGC by daylight (and in the company of the lovely Yurena Castrillo), so I new what was ahead for the first 10 km. Because of the amount of people (about 500) the first part wasn't going to be very fast on the single track. However, I found myself in a group that was running / walking a good pace. Too bad I tripped at km 4 and seriously hurt my finger. But since you don't need fingers for running I decided to ignore the pain and go on. I managed to force my finger in the right shape to grip my pole, so that worked fine! 

After the first foodstop we started the first downhill part. Good running, but in the dark I had to be very careful not the trip. I was very much looking forward to dawn and very happy to see the first light coming over the mountain at my second ascend.

Not the best picture, but you get the point. :)

Somewhere before dawn I came to Artenara, where I found Mark Zwart again. He was feeling very bad and cold. He didn't know if he could continue, but wished me well on my journey. 

As I was descending towards Fontanales I could hear the speaker talking about the start of the Advanced trail (84 km). So I did hear the start, but was too late to see it. I think I came into town about 10 minutes later. However, I never expected to get to that point before the Advanced race would start, so I was actually quite pleased with myself. I was feeling strong and having fun!

The sun was coming out and warming the trail. The clouds in between the mountains where disappearing. It was actually getting hot! So at the foodstop in Valleseco I changed to short sleeves. Then it went downhill towards Teror. Funny to enter Teror from a totally different side then when we went there in October. 

When we went to pick up the bib-numbers I talked to a guy that had trained parts of the TGC a few weeks before. He told me that the part out of Teror was going to be tough. He was so very right! Stairs, stairs and more stairs. Very steep and never ending. Even when there where no more real stairs, the mud was cut into steps. But somehow I found that funny. The strange things you begin to think when doing ultratrails... :P

At the top of the stairs in Talayón I found Mark Groeneweg at the foodstop! Mark Zwart had already told me that Mark G was also feeling bad. Mark G was surprised to see me coming in after him, because I had passed him in the night already (I didn't see him). But I guess he was right behind me and when I hid behind the bushes to pee he must have passed me again. Poor Mark was puking his guts out. He looked very bad, but when I said so he told me to be more positive. I gave him some magnesium and ORS (for re-hydrating) and went on. Uphill again!

And downhill too to Cruz de Tejeda and (some kilometers later) the foodstop in Tejeda. On my way down to Tejeda I met a guy from Argentina who liked my tattoos. We had a lot of fun trying to understand eachother. He didn't understand why nobody wanted to join me running this race, until he found out I was doing the full distance (he was on the Advanced race). Then he decided I had to be insane! Hahahahaha. Sure. 

How happy can you get from eating bread with cheese? Well, it made my day! At the foodstop in Tejeda I was so happy to find bread AND cheese! :)

Then the long way to Garañon started. All the way up to Roque Nublo first. Somewhere on the way there I found myself looking out over the valley and seeing Tenerife in the far distance. Such a beautiful sight! 

We were kind of circling Roque Nublo, but still going up. Then suddenly we were at almost the height of the base of the rock, where we had to go left to Roque Nublo. That was a bad part, all sharp rocks and no real path. But we had to go there since there was a timing mat at the base of the rock. 

For me that was a hard part. The heat and the sharp rocks and then going on to Garañon, which didn't seem to get closer. But stopping was not an option, so I got going again. Somewhere on the way there a guy was walking the other way and he said: it's really close now. Well, I can tell you, "close" is not how it felt! :P 

Garañon was the big foodstop where we could pick up our drop-bags. I changed shirts, shoes, socks and found time to eat some pasta. This was also where I met Mark Zwart again. He had dropped out at Tejeda and was brought to Garañon. It was very nice to see a familiar face and to talk a bit about how bad some of the parts were. Mark was very sweet, he got me cola and helped me out of the chair I was sitting in. :) Then he sent me off to the highest part of the trail, some observatory at 1938m. 

The downhill part that followed next was a good one. Too bad it was already getting dark. I almost got to Tunte before full dark.

And when I went into the dark again my body decided it was time for sleep. My legs were fine, but somehow the connection between brain and body wasn't there anymore. I had to slow down. After Tunte I was walking road and suddenly heard a familiar voice behind me: Mark Groeneweg was still running! He said he'd stay with me until the finish! I couldn't have wished for anything better! Together we made good progress until we came to the descent-from-hell to Arteara. Rocks, steep, more rocks, even steeper. That is where I shut down, I couldn't go on, I was sure of it. I stopped for a few seconds while Mark went on going down. Suddenly I saw a light shining up: Mark was waiting for me! I don't know how long it took, but I got down. Just before the foodstop I slipped and hurt my tailbone, so I cursed like a pirate. I managed to go on and Mark kept the pace up! Running wasn't a good idea, so we walked at a brisk pace. One more foodstop, then to the finish...

And just before the foodstop I had to hug the ground. I was too tired to try and stop myself from falling, so I smashed head-first into the gravel. My chin was bleeding, my knees where minced meat. But after getting this far, quitting was not an option. So Mark patched me up with a band-aid on my chin and off we went! 5 more kilometers, 4, 3, that awful barranco, 2, beach, 1... Marion (Marks wife) was waiting for us and walked with us the last part. Then, finally, after almost 28 hours... the finish! Steven was also waiting there, he had run a good race! And Celeste was welcoming all finishers, she must have had a long day too! 

Both Steven and Celeste directed me to the First Aid tent, where I was cleaned and patched up by two lovely ladies and the First Aid doctor. :) 

The day after was painful, we were tired, but also very proud of ourselves! Do I want to do this race again? I'm not sure. It was very hard, I was very tired because of the starting time, I hate rocks, but it was also beautiful, fun and awesome! I met nice people and I was so very happy with my companion for that last hard part. But who knows... 

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A lot of people that know me, also know I don't believe in wearing compression socks / tubes when training. I believe my calves get lazy if I pamper them with compression socks. I do use them on long mountain trails and I benefit from them on those occasions.

However, being appointed ambassador for Vibram FiveFingers in the Netherlands, I also received a pair of Injinji compression socks. And because they completely mismatched my VFF Spyridon ánd I was going to do a 60 km training run, I decided to wear them.

This is what they looked like before I abused them... ;-)

So, a quick review on the socks. They are easy to put on, they fit snug on the foot, but leave enough room for wiggling your toes in without too much difficulty. I've got legs in giraffe-style, however the socks still come almost up to my knees. I prefer them not to touch any part of my knee joints, so this length is perfect. They're snug around the calves, but not to the point where you can't feel your feet anymore.

I normally don't wear socks in my VFF, so this was a good test if it would fit. The toes are a good fit, so you can put on your normal size of VFF.

I went running in the rain and on a quite muddy course. The socks do get wet (as do my VFF), but I didn't get an uncomfortable feeling or chafing from them. I'm very happy with the foot-part of the socks. The calf-part feels nice too, however after about 50 - 55 km I got a slight irritation at the back of my left calf. It could've been the sock, it could've been the distance or even the way I put the socks on. I'm not sure.

At home I could peel them off easily, without completely cramping up in either legs or feet. Thourough inspection of feet and legs didn't reveal any hidden chafing or blisters. My legs feel fine and I haven't had any sore muscles (although the Bikram yoga class I took the day after might have something to do with that also). So all in all I'm very happy with these compressions socks.

What they look like after 60km of running in the mud.


Many of you probably know by now that I'm a vegetarian. I might even say I'm a flexanist: I do eat eggs and butter, but I don't drink milk or eat yogurt, quark, etc. And once in a while I join in a vegan-month. So not a full vegan, but vegetarian with a tendency to veganism.


What do I start my day with? It needs to be easy to make, because I need to do so many things in the morning. Getting dressed, feeding cats, cleaning their litterboxes, packing my bags for work, and making tea / coffee leaves little time for excessive cooking in the morning. So every day I start with this:

  • 250 g Soy yogurt
  • half an apple (or pear, banana, whatever fruit I have lying around), cut up in pieces
  • 6-8 dates, cut up
  • handful of cranberries
  • half a handful of walnuts (or any other type of nuts)
  • cinnamon

That keeps me going for quite some hours! This is also a good breakfast when I go for a long run.


Every day for lunch I make a salade, with whatever veggies are in my fridge. Today I made one with cucumber, red pepper, olives, vegetarian cheese and some herbs. A little bit of olive oil makes it perfect.


I love cooking, I love experimenting, but mostly I don't have enough time (or make enough time) for extensive cooking. So I'll provide you with two recipes, one that takes a little bit more time than the other. Both results made it to my comfort-food list!

The first one is broccoli with mashed sweet potatoes. The comfort is in the sweet potatoes... :-)

  • broccoli
  • sweet potatoes (I had 3 medium sized potatoes for 2 persons)
  • crème fraiche / soy cooking cream
  • ginger (ground)
  • cinnamon
  • cayenne powder
  • pine nuts (handful)

Peel the sweet potatoes, cut them in pieces and cook them for 20-25 minutes (they need to be soft). Cook the broccoli for about 5 minutes (try to match that to the end time of the sweet potatoes). Drain the sweet potatoes and mash them to a soft mash. Add as much crème fraiche as you like, I think I added about 125 g. Add some cinnamon, ground ginger and cayenne powder to your taste. Mix well. Roast the pine nuts and sprinkle them on top of the mashed potatoes.


Pumpkin pie (this takes a little bit longer)

  • puff pastry (I used pastry for savory pies)
  • 500 g pumpkin, cut in pieces
  • 1 red onion, cut in slices
  • 2 cloves of garlic, cut in small pieces
  • cayenne powder
  • pinch of salt
  • 100 ml soy cooking cream
  • 3 or 4 eggs (depending on size)
  • pine nuts (roasted)

Line a greased baking tray with the puff pastry. Put that in the fridge until you need it. Heat the oven to 200˚C.

Cook the pumpkin for 10 minutes (it doesn't need to be very soft). Fry in another pan the red onion and the garlic with the cayenne powder and the salt. Add the cooked pumpkin to it and stir. Put the mix on the pastry.

Beat the eggs with the soy cooking cream until it is smooth. Pour that over the pumpkin mix (make sure you cover everything). Sprinkle it with the roasted pine nuts.

Place it in the middle of the pre-heated oven for 45 minutes.

Eet smakelijk/bon appetit/enjoy!

Both of the above recipes where experiments with leftover veggies...


Many of you know I am an ambassador for INKnBURN, which is an amazing brand for running apparel. And since Winter is Coming (sorry, I had to do that, I've been reading Game of Thrones), it is time to do a review on their clothes for colder days.

I am the proud owner of some longsleeves and a pullover. My legs are covered by capris in several designs and I even have a pair of long pants. So which items should I review? Well, let's make it easy... I'll do a review on longsleeves (in general), so I can add pictures of several designs!

INKnBURN longsleeves are almost perfect. But the "almost" part is due to my gorilla-type arm, which are too long for most longsleeve-shirts. So when leaving that part out of the equation: INKnBURN longsleeves are perfect. They are made of the lovely wicking material all shirts InB are made of. You know, I even wear INKnBURN shirts underneath my fire-fighter clothes, because of this wicking quality and I'm not the only one!

The other thing that makes the longsleeves perfect are the awesome designs! They are superbright and stay like that even after washing them over and over again. And this brightness makes them easily recognisable... so I never need to look at picture-sets very long to find myself! Look for joy and fun and... lo and behold... there I am!

And to end this year and this review some pics of my latest buy: the "ugly" christmas-sweater, which will not only be worn in Christmas-times, but might be seen in other seasons too... I just love it! And as you can see, so does John!

I wish all of you a very happy 2014!

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It's been quite some time since I last wrote an article. However, it's time to pick up blogging again and what better way to do that than by writing a review on some of the gear I always wear (and love): INKnBURN!

I've been an ambassador for INKnBURN since the beginning of this year and I wear it all the time. It's quite hard to point out my one favorite item! So I asked good friend and runningbuddy Peter what his favorite is (so I can do a double review). He was very clear on that: the shirts! He said he likes them all, but I like him best in the Brick Wall techshirt! I'll show you why...

He agrees with me on how awesome the fabric of the shirt feels to the skin and how well it takes up moisture. No chafing, no itching, no annoying tags anywhere, just a very nice shirt! And isn't he goodlooking? ;)

I like the shirts, the tanktops, the camisoles, the skirts... but I LOVE the shorts! I never thought of myself as a short-shorts girl, I used to have quite heavy legs. But wearing the INKnBURN shorts, I just fell in love. I've got shorts in 2 sizes, the bigger one when I want to wear my shorts baggy and the smaller one for when I feel really good about myself and want to show off my ass :D

The shorts are awesome. They have a very feminine fit, no irritating waistband, a fabric that feels good on the skin, they have a light stretch in the fabric and very good moisture wicking qualities. The inner lining is really soft and feels like underwear (so I don't wear underwear when wearing my INKnBURN shorts). It doesn't ride up when you're running! The front of the shorts has 2 pockets (one on each leg), in which you can store keys, gels, small stuff, but I'm convinced they were made for putting in my company pass, since it fits PERFECTLY! I think it's really convenient to have these small pockets to put in small stuff you might need on your runs! And if you look at them closer, you can see that the pockets not only have the same beautiful colors as the shorts, but that the INKnBURN logo is stamped in the fabric!

Speaking of looks: the shorts are so beautiful! Vibrant colors, awesome designs! It's hard to pick a favorite! I like all of them! No, I don't own all designs (I wish!), but I do own quite a few. I'll show you (and some of my awesome INKnBURN loving friends):

With awesome Viking Andries!

With friend and teammate Geert (who is crazy enough to join me in the UTMB-PTL next week)!

Remember this guy? It's Peter in his favorite shirt!

With the guys from teams Tjak 1 and Tjak 2 and with my own partner-in-crime Cinta!

You see, I got some more people hooked on INKnBURN too! :) And don't they all look awesome!

Hm, I think I need to buy more shorts... Maybe I should try to collect them all!


Mijn laatste blog was van rond de jaarwisseling, het is wel weer eens tijd om iets te schrijven. Belangrijkste reden dat het zo lang geduurd heeft, is de irritatie met de nieuwe website-host-layout dinges. Ik vind dit toch niet zo handig werken als de vorige. Maar misschien moet ik er wel gewoon wat meer tijd in steken. Anyway, ik beloof beterschap!

Dus om meteen voortvarend van start te gaan: De VeganChallenge. Ik heb me ergens in januari aangemeld voor deze 30 dagen Vegan door het leven gaan. Ik eet al een hele tijd geen vlees meer en ook vis en melk zijn niet dingen die regelmatig mijn maag in gaan, maar vegan is toch wat anders. Helemaal geen dierlijke producten, dus ook niet de verborgen producten zoals wei-poeder (in chips) of gelatine (gemaakt van beendermeel). Of allerlei andere vage dingen, zoals schellak en stiekeme E-nummers.

Ik heb natuurlijk vorig jaar behoorlijk last gehad van bloedarmoede, dus ik heb me wel even serieus afgevraagd of het een slimme zet zou zijn om mee te doen. Maar wat onderzoek op internet gaf me genoeg vertrouwen dat ik alle vitamines en mineralen die ik nodig heb om te leven op mijn huidige hoge tempo wel binnen zou krijgen. Sterker nog, door geen melkproducten te gebruiken, zou ijzerinname zelfs beter moeten zijn!

Inmiddels ben ik 23 dagen bezig aan de challenge en moet ik zeggen dat het meevalt. In het begin bekijk je alle ingredientenlijsten op pakjes, maar intussen weet ik wel wat wel en niet kan. En bij twijfel is die lijst zo gescand. :-) Eigenlijk gaat het heel natuurlijk.

Merk ik er veel van? Nee, niet echt. Ik heb niet meer of minder energie (maar ik ben ook niet heel anders gaan eten). Ook niet meer of minder honger. Mis ik dan dingen? Ja, dat wel. Ik mis kaas heel erg, en daarmee ook pizza. Natuurlijk kun je ook pizza zonder kaas krijgen/maken, maar ik vind dat juist lekker. Van die vieze vette pizza van New York Pizza. En ik vind kaneelbroodjes van de IKEA ook wel erg lekker en daar zit boter en ei in. En 'even' een broodje halen bij het shoppen is ook lastig. Uit eten gaan vind ik daarentegen niet veel moeilijker, het is een kwestie van nadenken waar je wilt gaan eten en checken of het restaurant vegan friendly is.

En mijn omgeving? Lieftallige wederhelft is geweldig! Die leest verpakkingen, kookt vegan stoofpotten (hij is gek op stoofpot) en denkt goed mee. Superlief! Vrienden houden rekening met me, dat is fijn. Mijn collega's vonden me in eerste instantie een beetje gek, maar zijn inmiddels ervan overtuigd dat ik niet gevaarlijk ben. Sterker nog, ik werd laatst door mijn directe collega's (toevallig allemaal mannen) verdedigd tegen een andere collega die moeilijke vragen over mijn lunch stelde. Heerlijk!

Ga ik vegan blijven na deze 30 dagen? Nee. Of in ieder geval niet full time. Ik hou teveel van kaas en vind vegan te strikt. Ik ben wel van plan om zo min mogelijk dierlijke producten te (blijven) gebruiken. Maar ik ga wel 3 maart pizza bestellen. Met kaas. Ik denk dat het voor de buitenwereld ook makkelijker is dat ik vegetarisch ben in plaats van veganistisch.

Heb ik valsgespeeld? Nee, niet echt. Ik heb vantevoren namelijk wel 2 uitzonderingen voor mezelf aangegeven: mijn werkschoenen en mijn brandweerlaarzen. Die zijn van leer en strikt genomen mag je die dus niet dragen als je vegan bent. Ik was niet van plan om voor 30 dagen andere werkschoenen te regelen en wat betreft mijn brandweerlaarzen: die moet ik nou eenmaal dragen als ik uit moet rukken.

Ga ik valsspelen? Ik moet nog 7 dagen, ik denk dat ik dat nog wel volhou... :-D

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Hi guys, op de valreep naar het nieuwe jaar moest ik mijn weblog migreren naar een andere provider. Ofzo. Ik weet nog niet wat ik hiervan vind. We gaan het zien.


Ik wil jullie wel allemaal alvast een fijne jaarwisseling wensen!


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Al lopend in het duin vraag ik me af of het mogelijk is gelukkiger te zijn dan op dit moment. Voor sommige mensen zal het vreselijk weer zijn om te rennen, maar wat is er mooier dan de wind door je (belachelijk korte) haar en de dreiging van woeste stortbuien? Van mij hadden die buien nog wel mogen vallen ook!
Ik was een hinde. OK, toegegeven, qua postuur en kleurkeuze had ik meer weg van een nijlpaard, maar ik VOELDE me een hinde. De Schotse Hooglanders weten zeker dat ik geen hinde ben, maar kijken alleen meewarig als ik langsdender.
Het pad dat ik vandaag gekozen heb is weinig begaan. Het is een breed graspad tussen duinbegroeiing. De net-niet-pal-tegenwind blaast mijn benen in elkaars pad. Lachend ga ik net niet op mijn gezicht. Ach, Fallen Angel forever, dus dat was ook niet voor 't eerst geweest.
Net als ik bedacht heb dat het niet beter kan worden, wordt het toch nog beter: een grote plas, precies op mijn pad. Als een uitgelaten golden retriever spetter ik erdoor. Jammer dat het geen modderplas is, maar dit is een goede tweede. Met soppende FiveFingers ren ik verder.
Volmaakt gelukkig.
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De nieuwe collectie staat nog niet eens op de site van de dames van, maar ik heb al een jurkje mogen testen! Jurkje Ruby van het merk Nuu Muu.
Het jurkje (model Ruu Muu, met zakjes op de rug) is meegenomen voor een dubbeltest. Allereerst ben ik ermee naar mijn werk gefietst (en weer terug natuurlijk). Het is een jurkje dat je makkelijk over je eigen fietsbroek kunt dragen, in mijn geval een grijze, maar dat is omdat ik alleen maar grijze fietsbroeken heb. Ik had er maar wel een thermoshirt onder gedaan, want 's morgens om half 7 is het best fris.
Het fijne aan dit jurkje is dat het lang genoeg is om over je billen te vallen, maar niet zo lang dat je echt op de jurk zit. Elegante snit, zeg maar! De zakken op de rug zitten op de hoogte waar je ze normaal in fietsshirts vindt. Dat matcht in mijn geval niet helemaal met de rugzak die ik draag, maar dat is mijn eigen schuld. Je moet mooie jurkjes niet bedekken met rugzakken.
Na mijn werk had ik een afspraak om te gaan rennen. Dus het jurkje is omgebouwd naar een hardloop-outfit. Thermoshirt uit, fietsbroek uit, losse sleeves aan, run bun sparke hearts aan!
Deze dus:
Ook te koop bij Hiphardlopen. Het jurkje valt zelfs met mijn lange lijf over het broekje. Je kunt, als je dat te bloot vindt, natuurlijk ook een langere tight of capri eronder dragen.
De stof van het jurkje voelt prettig aan op je blote huid. Het valt ook heel soepel, trekt niet en heeft ook bij hardlopen een charmante snit. De zakken zijn groot genoeg voor een telefoon en een paar sleutels, maar ik vind dat wel erg rammelen bij het rennen. Ik prop er wel altijd een paar euro in een plastic zakje in (voor ijsjes).
Mijn oordeel: Nuu Muu jurkje Ruby is geslaagd voor de dubbeltest. Het is een fijn jurkje dat flatterend valt (ik denk ook als je iets 'gevulder' bent dan ik). Het is lang genoeg om over je billen te vallen, ook als je ruim 1m80 bent zoals ik. De stof voelt fijn op je huid. En niet onbelangrijk: je ziet er waanzinnig goed uit in zo'n jurkje! Overigens zijn ze ook zeer geschikt als zomerjurkje (ik had kleur Sahara al, die is mee geweest op vakantie). Ik vind het ook ideaal dat dit jurkje over een fietsbroek kan, zodat ik ook een beetje leuk op de racefiets kan zitten.
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